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Almost every youngster loves to play games, especially virtual reality games like paint ball, in which one has to chase a target and shoot it. Paintball is one of those games that require a lot of practice and proficiency. It is a fast growing sport that is filled with tremendous excitement and fun. Moreover, the game is suitable for people from all age groups except for kids below 8. Whether you want to play paintball just for the sake of fun or you are looking more on the competitive side, you need to be aware of the tricks and tips to win the game. Here are some important tips for you to consider before you hit the paintball field.Go to our Boise paintball website for more info

Do not spend on expensive equipment
If you are a beginner, you need not shell out big bucks on expensive equipment. Remember that advanced equipment might help you to improve your game, but they won’t help you to win the game. In order to be on the winning side, you need to have a lot of practice and experience. So it’s always better to buy a cheap mask and gun in the beginning. Once you get the hang of the game and become a regular player, you can buy expensive equipment to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Hold the gun in the right manner
Holding the gun in the right manner is imperative when it comes to playing paintball. This is one of the most basic tactics of playing paintball. No matter how meticulously you have strategize in finding your target, if you do not hold the gun in an appropriate manner, you either won’t be able to shoot or miss the target. When you sneak a look from around a bunker, make sure your elbow is sticking out and your trigger finger is on the trigger for rapid firing. However, if you have a speed ball style of gun, plant the butt of the gun on your shoulder firmly and then shoot.

Be quick and lead
Remember that when you are on a paintball field, you need to be spontaneous and always try to set your target at the forefront. Try to shoot at a place where your target is going to take a halt after he runs away from his previous location. This is the easiest way to beat your target, since there is a minimum chance to escape.

Other general tips:
-It is important to go through the basic rules and guidelines before you hit the ground. Read each and every rule carefully, so that you do not get eliminated from the game without even knowing what you have done.

-Never ever remove your mask, since it mainly protects your head and eye. A paintball at the speed of 280 feet per second can pop out your eyeball from the eye socket and can break your nose for that matter.

-Always appoint a team captain and follow his/her instructions so there is no confusion that when you need to make a movement or when you should stop or hide.

-Do not stay or hide at the same spot for too long, as your enemies will soon detect your location to attack you.

-Always wear shoes that are comfortable. You can try your running or hiking shoes to play a sport like paint ball. Many players these days prefer wearing cleats on the paintball field, since cleats are comfortable and provide excellent traction in mud and grass.